Province Mortgage Associates: Reverse Mortgage Testimonials and Success Stories!

We are able to take the trip of a lifetime. The Reverse Mortgage from Province Mortgage Associates allows us to enjoy the equity that we built up in our home.—Harold and Mary P. Milford, CT

The CT Reverse Mortgage specialist...
was prompt, courteous, dependable and accomplished thoroughly all that she promised. It was a real pleasure dealing with her. She is a fine asset to your firm.— G.E.O. Westbrook, CT

A Reverse Mortgage from Province Mortgage Associates allowed us to retire earlier then we originally planned...and spend more time with the grandchildren.—Richard and Roslyn N., Branford, CT

Before we got our Reverse Mortgage, medical costs were a major concern for us. Now, we know we can handle anything that might happen. It's all about peace of mind!—Bob and Priscilla L., Enfield, CT

My husband and I, with the help of our son, looked into a Reverse Mortgage because of our financial needs. The cost of living was going up while our retirement funds were going down, and it was getting harder to make ends meet. The application process went very smoothly. All of the details of the Reverse Mortgage were clearly explained, and any questions we had were thoroughly answered. We are very happy with our decision to get a Reverse Mortgage.— BMO of Mystic CT

A Reverse Mortgage allowed me to get the "car" I always wanted. I can go out hunting or fishing now that I have the time and the money to do both. Thanks, Province Mortgage Associates.— Richard P. Norwich, CT

I love my home and I wanted to be able to stay here forever. The Reverse Mortgage from Province Mortgage Associates allows me to do that... and I am no longer worried about taxes and maintenance costs. Who knew that owning our home would help me out when I got older!— Rita W., Meriden, CT

Taking out a Reverse Mortgage pulled me out of a big hole I was in. With the proceeds Province Mortgage Associates paid off my mortgage and $36,000.00 in back taxes. I also was able to buy my wife a new car and we still have a line of credit available to use in case of an emergency.— DF, Bristol, CT

The staff at Province Mortgage Associates is the best. They explained everything and worked to make this process very easy. I have recommended them to a number of friends.— L. K. Berlin, CT

Poor health should not mean Mom will lose her home...
In early May, I called a Province Mortgage Associates Specialist. I am the daughter of an 85 year old woman with serious health problems. The bank was going to foreclose on the mother's property which was located in East Haven, CT. Province Mortgage Associates discussed the possibility of a Reverse Mortgage and it was one of the few avenues this Mom had to remain in the family home.

The Reverse Mortgage was applied for on a Wednesday and on that Friday; a local sheriff placed a "notice of foreclosure auction" sign on the property. The sign had an auction date on Saturday, two weeks hence. I placed a frantic phone call to see if there was anything Province Mortgage Associates could do.

They spoke with and wrote letters to the bank and their attorney requesting that they delay their foreclosure proceeding to allow for processing of the Reverse Mortgage since there would be sufficient funds to pay them in full. The bank agreed to a one month extension.

The loan processing went smoothly, the bank was paid out and there were additional funds available to pay other bills that were in arrears. Without the availability of our Reverse Mortgage program, there would have been little alternative other than selling the home. Both Mom and I were delighted with the outcome.— CRM, Hamden, CT

A physical handicap does not mean you have to move out of your home...
My parents have lived in their home for 51 years. Even though their house is not suitable for my father's physical needs, there is no other place they could ever call home. So my siblings and I were faced with the challenge of allowing them the dignity of staying in their home while addressing their increasing physical needs.

We saw an ad for Reverse Mortgages, and did some research. We were relieved to find out that a Reverse Mortgage was the perfect answer to our problem. From the money they were able to receive, a new handicapped-accessible shower and a chair lift to the second floor were installed. They also chose to receive a monthly check to help with their prescription expenses.

My parents feel proud that they could "do it on their own," and not burden their children.— Kevin L, Ellington, CT

A sudden loss of income does not have to end in disaster...
My in-laws sold their mortgage-free home and built their dream home just 4 years ago. They are truly happy here and since my father in-law planned to work for at least 7 more years, they were comfortable with the fact that they had a small mortgage. Then the company he worked for closed its doors and everyone was laid off. Finding a job at 63 proved to be difficult. They were faced with the financial burdens of monthly health insurance and mortgage payments in addition to their other monthly bills and taxes. They were so distraught, they considered selling the property.

This broke my heart. They worked all their lives; they deserved to be happy in their dream home.

Since they already had equity in their new home, my husband and I looked into the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage. This product is exactly what they needed. They were able to pay off the balance of their mortgage with the Reverse Mortgage and still had money left to receive a check each month which helps with the health insurance payments. So instead of making monthly payments, they are now receiving them!

It is so comforting to see them enjoy their home without the financial worries they once had.— Patricia B, Stamford, CT

Your specialist was the best...
He was right on the spot with all of the answers for questions that I had about Reverse Mortgages. He worked with me to make sure I was comfortable and had all of the information I needed to make the right decision. I’m glad that I got my Reverse Mortgage through Province Mortgage Associates.— M.E.B. Hamden, CT

Tragic illness made easier to bear...
My single Aunt Linda is 71, and very proud of her cottage-like home where she lives alone. Recently she was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer; she was given 6 months to one year to live. She desperately wanted to spend whatever time she had left in the comforts of the home she worked for and loved. Her social security and pension would not be enough to provide the round-the-clock care that she needed. A home equity loan didn't make sense, since there would be monthly payments to make.

As her power-of-attorney, I helped arrange a Reverse Mortgage for her with an optimistic 2 year term which provides her with all the money she needs each month to pay for her in-home health care. We are hoping that, by some miracle, she is still with us when the term of her Reverse Mortgage runs out because we learned that she could still live there, her home will not be taken away from her.

Now she receives a large check each month which makes it possible for her to stay in the home she loves.— Louise M, Durham, CT

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